Osteoporosis – Know About Bone Health

As the weather becomes more consistently Spring-like, we now may be more inclined to get outside. This should be positive for the health of our bones.

  • The sunlight triggers a reaction in our skin producing vitamin D. Good news as this helps us use calcium which is necessary for strong bones.
  • If we become more active, the pressure through our bones will increase their strength.

A loss in bone density is normal as we age. Some illnesses and medications may also cause problems with bone density. Sometimes the losses are greater causing conditions called osteopenia or osteoporosis. These put you at a greater risk of a fracture. These conditions don’t hurt. They are often not discovered until someone unfortunately experiences a fracture. Other consequences of these problems can be changes to body position and the discomfort and disability that may bring alongside this.

These changes affect both men and women. In ladies they are often more prevalent due to the sharp shift in hormones around the menopause.

It is never too late to be looking after your bones and we should encourage the younger people in our lives to take good care of themselves in order they effectively build a “bone bank”. So they are in good place before these natural changes occur.

Care needs to be taken to exercise regularly. To create controlled stress into our limbs and spine to allow the bones to remodel. There is something that everyone can do, but depending on your situation you may need guidance as to what is most appropriate for you regarding activity and exercise.

We should also maintain a healthy diet. Balanced and varied containing those vitamins and minerals required for ideal bone health. Sometimes supplements might be appropriate.

If you receive a diagnosis of osteoporosis there may be prescription medication you need to take to assist with this further.

I am very happy to complete a FRAX questionnaire on your behalf. This assesses your susceptibility to these kind of fractures. This would be most appropriate for ladies over 65 and gentleman over 75 years of age.

When you’re next in the clinic, let me know if you would like me to do this for you. If needed, I can also help advise you on the care you should ideally take for good bone health.

In the meantime take care, look after yourselves and stay well.

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