Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Happy New Year!

To ‘Put Your Best Foot Forward’ originated from when ladies looked for a well turned leg in men. This phrase was first recorded in 1613 by Sir Thomas Overbury (a poet and courtier).

A good phrase perhaps to start a new year? However, this post is really about footwear. If I wasn’t an osteopath I would love to be a shoe designer. I often consider the design of a ‘perfect’ shoe – for both health and style. Nothing yet I’m afraid! However in my current capacity as an osteopath I am made aware in my daily work that foot care is 100% necessary. Not only for the health of the local area, but also for the rest of the body and it’s position and consequent well-being. Good fitting footwear is an essential contributing factor towards foot and general musculoskeletal health.

In our shoes we should consider:

  1. A stable heel, approximately 25mm in height. The heel of the shoe shouldn’t slip up and down at the back.
  2. Adequate width and depth to the mid/front part of the shoe.
  3. Enough room in the toe portion of the shoe to allow proper foot function. A minimum of 6mm in front of the longest toe is suggested.
  4. A soft and flexible upper and lining to the shoe.
  5. Laces, Velcro or buckle fastenings allow the most adjustment and potentially a better fit.
  6. The tread on the undersurface of the shoe should extend over the whole area.
  7. A supportive insole may be a consideration for some. Consulting a health professional like myself, other manual therapist, chiropodist or podiatrist could advise you around any need for this.

Please get in touch if you need any help with a problem.

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy new year.

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