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Do you struggle to make changes to your diet and lifestyle for improved health, even though you know what you should be doing? Or are you unsure what approach would help you the most? Does feeling tired, out-of-shape or constantly stressed frustrate you? Do you bounce back and fourth from one diet plan to another?


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching (NLC) can help you conquer these frustrations and help you achieve your goals. This service offers you a tailor-made programme of support through nutritional and lifestyle advice, alongside the coaching process, to help keep you motivated and moving forward with whatever changes you plan to make:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Stress management
  • Regular exercise

The goal is always to strive to achieve optimal health, through a bespoke plan that is unique to you, your needs and your personal circumstances.

If you would like to discuss whether NLC is appropriate for you, an initial phone discussion can be arranged.

On starting a course of NLC, it will first be necessary to complete a questionnaire. Amongst other information, it includes a 3-day food diary. This questionnaire forms the basis of our initial session. In this session we can discuss and decide together the best way to move forward, and start your NLC journey.

In a follow-up session we design your nutrition and lifestyle plan. With great emphasis on this being what you need and want, making it both personalised and achievable. In so creating a solution for you to achieve your optimal health.

A pre-booked course of NLC contains one additional session which is important to support you, make any necessary adjustments, maintain accountability and thus ensuring you’re moving forward towards your chosen goals.

All sessions are 1 hour in length, and additional appointments can be made as necessary.
If you would like to discuss whether NLC is appropriate for you, an initial phone discussion can be arranged.


The total cost of a set of appointments (3 sessions) is £240. Further appointments may be necessary depending on your personal needs. These can be paid on a session by session basis and are £80 each.

If you wish to pay per session, a £50 payment is required at the outset, ahead of receiving the questionnaire. Then the cost is £80 per session. All payments are made via BACS prior to an appointment.

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