Upper Crossed Pattern Syndrome

This is a description of a specific posture and its common.

The Upper Crossed Pattern in relation to posture is; rounded shoulders, a chin that pokes forward and a slumped body position. We have likely seen this in others, or maybe even noted it in ourselves.

If this posture is allowed to continue then a combination of both muscle tightness and muscle weakness will develop. In this situation pain is often reported in one, or a combination of – the neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, and sometimes this position can create headaches.

To address this situation an assessment of position, mobility and muscle testing will be needed in order to correctly address the changes in muscle patterning.

Hands-on osteopathic treatment can help create change in the tissues and improve joint mobility. Then a number of progressive exercises can be followed in order to gain better balance and improved function, with a reduction in or even complete relief of pain. This depends on how advanced the changes are. Advice on workstations, furniture, habits…may also need to be addressed in order to manage an improved body position.

If you recognise this in yourself or others, call for help. Action sooner than later is necessary for long term freedom from restriction and pain.

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