Use a red plate to lose a bit of weight: People who eat off them cut their intake by 40%.
Meals on red plates and drinks from red cups are reported to reduce our consumption by 40%. This study was carried out by German and Swiss academics, they believe red may encourage people to avoid snacking, as people associate red with the idea of “danger, prohibition and stop.”
MY THOUGHTS: Who knows!? If it helps I’m prepared to give it a go. My plates are purple, I’m curious as to what that may trigger in me behaviour-wise!?

Intense back pain and brittle bones at just 29 – all because I had a baby, Fiona Duffy.
This story talked about the relatively rare incidence of osteoporosis in pregnancy. Osteoporosis is most often thought to be a condition of post-menopausal women. However, bone density can drop temporarily in the late stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding, as the woman’s body provides calcium to the growing baby. Usually the body adapts – “levels of the hormonal form of vitamin D increase in order to enhance calcium absorption from the gut and also to encourage the breakdown of bone which is “reabsorbed” by the body as another form of calcium.”
Experts are unsure why the problem occurs in some women, and not others. Studies have shown that the vitamin D hormone levels didn’t increase in some pregnancies. Or it is thought that some women who suffer with this, may have already had a lower bone density before the pregnancy.
Osteoporotic fractures can cause permanent deformity and disability. It can be controlled with medication. The lady in this article fell pregnant again and gave birth to another child. She did unfortunately suffer further fractures, but at least she was aware of the issue, and care with medication was given from the outset.

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