• URINE TESTS TO DIAGNOSE GENUINE CASES OF BACK PAIN. Developed to be used on those thought to be malingering on long-term sickness benefits and those making fraudulent claims, eg following road traffic accidents. The test costs £200 and is reported to be 95% effective. It tests immune system compounds excreted in the urine that are produced when people are experiencing back pain. MY THOUGHTS, what happens in the 5% of cases that the test doesn’t work for? Those immune system compounds could be released with pain anywhere in the body, they are not specific to spinal pain surely?
  • POT BELLY BLASTER! An injection to banish 60% of body fat in just one month. As yet this has only been tested on monkeys, and it works by attacking the blood supply of the fat cells. It is reported that tests may start on humans soon. MY THOUGHTS, we all know that as a nation our weight is increasing and we are becoming increasingly susceptible to the health problems that go alongside this. As an Osteopath, I think that reducing weight and taking undue strain off the body’s joints and tissues has got to be a good thing. However, I don’t think there is a substitute for a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. This has to be the gold standard. There are also some suspected consequences on the kidneys, but researchers feel they could be overcome.
  • RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME, THOUGHT TO BE HEREDITARY. Restless leg syndrome is thought to trouble 1 in 10 adults at some point in their life. Symptoms are tingling, prickling and numbness in the lower extremities, which are mainly felt at night and can only be relieved by movement. Two faulty genes have been identified by scientists. 
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