WHY PUFFY KNEES CAN BE A SIGN OF “SILENT” ARTHRITIS (DAILY MAIL, ROGER DOBSON) – This article highlights how often symptoms of arthritis can be ignored, in this case the article is particularly talking about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It reports that if symptoms aren’t treated within 3 months of their onset, then there is a risk of long term joint damage, disability and pain. The article states that many ignore symptoms such as pain, stiffness and swelling. Putting it all down to the ageing process, or over-doing things.
The exact cause of RA remains unknown – a genetic predisposition, or possible viral/bacterial infection may trigger it? There is no cure, but there is a range of medications that can be used to alleviate the symptoms. Sometimes surgery may be indicated. The article talks about an injection which is currently being developed, it’s purpose is to stop the immune system from overreacting. Apparently results so far are promising, and seem to help the worse effected patients.
The key symptoms to look out for are early morning joint stiffness lasting longer than 30 minutes. Persistent swelling of one joint or more, especially in the hands. Also pain when the joints are squeezed. MY THOUGHTS, RA is a terrible joint disorder and can cause terrible deformity and disability in those worse effected. Not everyone who suffers morning joint stiffness, pain and swelling will have RA. But its important for people to observe their bodies and report any persistent issues as appropriate.

SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT: WOMAN BANISHES MIGRAINES…BY HAVING FROWN MUSCLE REMOVED. (DAILY MAIL, CLAIRE BATES) – A 47 year old lady having struggled over 3 decades with migraine headaches has finally become head pain free. She has had an operation to remove the corrugator muscle (frown muscle). She had to have many tests to assess the potential effectiveness of this procedure for her, the surgery was carried out in Berlin. MY THOUGHTS, there are many different reasons why people suffer migraines, and it is a problem that is poorly understood. Any procedure which makes such a dramatic transformation to someone’s life is wonderful, but its unlikely to be the solution for all migraine sufferers.

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