Stay Well

I am lucky enough to be writing this blog post from my sun-bed on the beach in Montenegro. It’s beautiful, relaxing and hot – I’m sweating like a waterfall!

Rivermead Osteopaths has been really busy this year, which has been fantastic. I enjoy my job as an osteopath, but this recharge of my batteries before my to return to the clinic is great for me, and should allow me to be as helpful as I can be to you.

Taking the time-out, I’m reminded that good musculoskeletal health isn’t all about manual therapy and exercises. Although obviously, I’m still a firm believer in this side of things!

I’m thinking of the day-to-day stuff that I know helps me, but I haven’t been doing recently. Busy lifestyles can make these things go out the window far too easily.

Now I don’t want to sound too preachy. Life is life and all the best laid plans….Shit happens from time to time and messes with your good intentions. But here are 3 positive suggestions to make a difference to your day-to-day, and I am committing to these now with you.

So here are a few things that have “gone missing” for me. I’m an early bird so this suits me, but maybe just getting up 10/15/20 minutes earlier each day could give you a little extra time to fit this in. They not only help our muscles and joints, but also our inner workings, physically and emotionally.

MEDITATION. For me, 10 minutes a day (but it could be longer) has helped me relax, remain calm, and most notably improved my focus. There is also evidence to support it’s use in people who suffer chronic pain. (You don’t need to be standing on rocks at the edge of a lake, although that would be lovely.)

BEING GRATEFUL. Its easy to dwell on whats wrong and forget about the positive stuff. Being grateful can help improve focus and allow acceptance. Which can sometimes again, be a good tool in people who experience chronic pain. Taking time each day to do this, may be even writing it down could be useful.

GETTING ORGANISED AND MAKING MY FOOD FROM SCRATCH. The difference I feel in my well-being for consuming non-processed food is exponential. Just upping my veggie intake made a huge difference to me. Maybe have a cook-up day and freeze meals ahead of time so you always have something healthy ready to go?

If you need any guidance with any of these suggestions, then please ask in the clinic.  

Just so you know. I will be starting some nutrition training at the end of this month. So soon, I can help you more with the food stuff. Stay well.

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