Lower Back Pain – Common Observations

After suffering a recent episode of lower back pain myself. I am reminded of the common pitfalls that occur when your lower back is really flared up. So I thought I’d share. You may have experienced these yourself. If not, I hope you don’t, but try and be reassured by the normality of these occurrences.

  • You will drop everything onto the floor. May be you just notice it more, but I’m sure this happens more often at this time?! Try and bend from your knees to lower yourself down, and try and be face on to the object you’re picking up to avoid twisting at the same time.
  • You may get stuck on the toilet! Don’t be alarmed, take deep breaths, place your hands onto your thighs and support yourself as you steadily stand up.

  • You might struggle to wipe your bottom! Sorry if this is crude, but it is a fact and a common scenario when lower backs are quite painful.
  • Everything you want at the supermarket will be on the lowest shelf. See advice in the first point, or ask for help. Shopping trolleys are even harder to control when your back hurts too.

  • You will feel every bump and every turn in the road. For sure you’ll be onto the council about potholes after an episode of lower back pain.

So I hope this isn’t too flippant a list. Lower back pain can be very debilitating, and very alarming. So knowing what you might expect could offer some reassurance. For the majority of cases staying gently and regularly mobile is very important. Also be reassured, that most back pain is  benign in nature and relatively short-lived. Although different injures follow different time spans.

If you are, or know anyone else who is struggling. Please feel welcome to call for advice – 01245 280636.

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