Laser Therapy and Pain Relief

Laser therapy is beneficial for pain relief and to help the body heal itself. Beyond examination to assess its suitability, laser may be useful and used in isolation or alongside osteopathic treatment

It is the different wavelengths of light which can allow me to focus on different body structures in the treatment. It works at a cellular level and its effects are cumulative as a course of treatment progreses. It works on healing and repair at the skin and it also works upon nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone.

Laser therapy offers pain relief and it is this aspect I wanted to think about a little bit more in this newsletter. The types of pain that laser helps are:

  • Nociceptive pain. This is the pain that is caused by damage to a body tissue. For example an ankle sprain.
  • Neuropathic pain. This is pain that can occur if your nervous system is damaged or not working correctly.

When receiving laser therapy the laser device is in contact directly with the skin. This is where the laser starts to work on the nerve endings at the edges of the body. The laser works on the cells within these nerves to inhibit the passage of information up to the central nervous system. It is in this way that the laser helps with neuropathic pain.

The laser also works to encourage circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation and over time improving tissue healing, all at a cellular level. The removal of inflammation and swelling of a body tissue is another way that you can work on the nerves, reducing the chemical irritation of a nerve locally.

I wanted to tell you about a lovely lady that I have used the laser treatment with recently who has found it beneficial. She has been receiving osteopathic treatment with me for some years. Prior to her visiting me she had undergone lower back surgery in relation to back pain and a partial foot drop in one leg. A foot drop occurs when the nerves that lift the foot are damaged or compressed. Not allowing the foot to be lifted adequately, or sometimes not at all. In this lady’s case the spinal surgery she had received did offer her benefits but she has ongoing problems with lower back pain, a partial foot drop and the changes in sensation and muscle spasms at the leg.

She was enthusiastic to try the laser therapy when it was available at the clinic. What we have found is that it has not completely got rid of her symptoms, but has actually made them more liveable with. The difference she told me at her most recent session is that the laser therapy has improved the sensation and reduced the muscle spasms that she experiences in her foot. She has also found it reduced her lower back pain and generally means she gets a better night’s sleep.

So sometimes the laser seems a little bit like magic, people have sometimes described it as a magic wand! But it would be wrong of me to pretend that it’s a magic cure. However it has made a significant difference in most of the people that have come in for the treatment so far.

In a wide variety of cases people have gained complete relief through laser therapy treatment. For others it has made a meaningful change which has improved their quality of life.

If you think laser therapy might be of interest to you. Please get in touch for more information.

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