Have a happy and healthy festive season and beyond!


I’m definitely an advocate for doing the best you can to look after yourself, as I’m sure most people are. I’m by no means perfect, but try to exercise wisely, eat well and stay hydrated. All things I would recommend my patients to try and do too. We’re all different, what works for one, may not be the best course of action for another.

I’ve just read an article suggesting we ditch the new years resolutions of more exercise and perfect diets. The article discusses that this kind of approach places way too much pressure on us, and is destined for failure. Potentially making us feel a bit fedup with ourselves and as a result giving up the new year’s resolutions.

The article discusses the need to take a consistent approach, to adopt “a long term better approach to health”. This way we can start to combat the obesity issues the country is increasingly suffering, and the many problems that can run alongside them – diabetes, cardiovascular illness, musculoskeletal problems.

As an osteopath I can help you with your body mechanics, the musculoskeletal bits. So if you’re finding you have any niggling issues, may be problems that stop you being as physically active as you would like to be. I might be able to help.

I don’t just deal with backs! Although spinal pain is very common. I also look at problems relating to muscles and joints all over the body, and I take a holistic approach to this wherever your pain is. So it might be we need to look at another area of you, as well as the bit that hurts, to really address a problem fully.

I can help you get on top of the problem with osteopathic treatment, but also offer advice on exercise, and general lifestyle. Small changes can make a lot difference. We try and investigate what the root cause of the problem is. Often something seemingly trivial, but you do it a lot, can be an issue. Problems around work posture, poorly fitting bras, poor footwear, and many more everyday matters are very common.



So I hope you all have a fantastic festive season, and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2017. Take a sensible approach to looking after yourself and call me if you think I may be able to help. 

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