Hip osteoarthritis is the degenerative wear and tear of the hip ball and socket joint. It can cause local stiffness and pain, and may also create pain elsewhere as a result of the strain placed on other areas, or the hip may refer pain. It can substantially reduce an individual’s mobility, and reduce their ability to stay active. At worse, it may require a joint replacement.

If the joint isn’t bad enough for a replacement, what do you do? Staying mobile with gentle, regular activity and specific exercises should help. If necessary pain medication could be available from your GP or pharmacy.

However, Osteopathic treatment would aim to reduce or eliminate the need for additional pain medication. Gentle manipulation and soft-tissue massage can aid the mobility and comfort of the area. An Osteopath would also look at other related areas, and possibly work on these. The aim being to remove as much pressure as possible from the arthritic hip. For example, it is common to need to work on the lower back as well as the hip itself.

If you feel Osteopathic treatment may be of use to you, please call to make an appointment or to discuss your issue.

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