Reasons you might choose to see me!

  • You have an injury or a pain. Osteopathy addresses musculoskeletal problems from head to toe. Problems relating to muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Not just the spine, also the peripheral joints and associated tissues. The problems we address are wide-ranging. From sciatica to sports injuries, neck-related headaches and postural issues, knee injuries and problems from stress and tension… A typical course of treatment is around 4 to 6 sessions. Sometimes slightly more or less. Everyone is different and as such assessed and treated as an individual.
  • Osteopathy isn’t only the hands-on manual therapy treatment. There is very often additional advice I can give you to benefit your recovery and general health. This includes advice on pain relief, posture, diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation…

  • Often people like to see an Osteopath on an “MOT-type” basis. We can find we look after our cars better than ourselves – terrible! Osteopathic treatment can form part of a management strategy in looking after your musculoskeletal self and regularly assisting general improvements in well-being. View yourself as a finely-tuned sports car.

  • I am also a certified Pilates instructor. I work with people on a one-to-one basis. Either this is used as a means to assist rehabilitation of a specific injury. Or, can again be part of a way you choose to care for yourself on an ongoing basis. I provide the equipment and the expertise.These sessions are bespoke to your own abilities and needs. 

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