A couple of spinal mobility exercises

If you experience problems, check with your health practitioner as to whether these exercises are appropriate for you. Do not continue with them if you feel any pain whilst performing the exercise.

Standing Side-bending Articulation and Stretch

Standing up tall. Slide your arm down to the side of one leg, try and keep the shoulders and pelvis facing forwards. Repeat 5-10 times on each side. For an extra stretch, raise the arm up to be alongside your ear. Use the opposite arm to support and increase the stretch. Hold this for three relaxed breaths into the lower ribcage, and then repeat on the other side.




Spine curl

Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet and knees in-line with your hips. Scoop/rotate your pelvis backwards so your lower back flattens into the floor. Then try and peel your vertebrae up off the floor one at a time until you get to shoulder blade height, your body in a diagonal line (be sure you are not placing pressure onto your neck). Then reverse the process, by returning each vertebrae to the floor one at a time. Until you return to your start position. Repeat 5 times. Try and avoid holding your breath through the exercise.




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