Squeeze the floor to feel assured

Pelvic floor exercises can help:
  • with bowel and bladder control
  • reduce the chance of bowel or womb prolapse
    • in women, this may be felt as a bulge in the vagina or a feeling of heaviness, discomfort, pulling, dragging or dropping
    • in men, this may be felt as a bulge in the rectum or a feeling of needing to use their bowels but not actually needing to go
  • they help with recovery from surgery in men and women, and post-childbirth
  • improve sexual sensitivity
  • maintain confidence socially, so a good quality of life.


Its important to do the exercises correctly. Speaking to a professional for guidance may be necessary, and definitely if you are continuing to experience bowel or bladder disturbances. The literature is inconclusive, but would seem to indicate that a weakness in the pelvic floor muscles may contribute to spinal issues too. It seems logical to me that if there is a weakness or loss of integrity in one area, then there could be a knock-on effect/pressure added to another?
The following links offer a guide for both men and women individually.
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