This could save you money on Osteopath bills!

Please forward this post to any children or grandchildren where its appropriate. However it applies to us all. This newsletter contains some tips on how to reduce back strain.

The Back Care charity reports that 1 in 4 secondary school students gets regular or daily back pain. Half of those that suffer with back pain report their school bag is too heavy, or too tiring. Amongst this half, back pain was 10 times more common.


Problems can develop from our younger years if we don’t take proper care. A problem not identified in childhood/adolescence, may become an issue in adulthood. Four out of five adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

  • Check your bag? Does it evenly distribute the weight you carry on your body? Do the straps dig into you? A rucksack carried with both straps across each shoulder is the ideal bag for your back. The straps should be padded. Waist and hip straps can help redistribute the pressure from your shoulders.


  • Don’t carry more than you need to? Check your bag regularly for clutter!


  • Try and avoid sitting where you can. Sitting for long periods can strain your back. Getting up and moving around regularly is ideal.


  • When you need to sit, try and sit well. So sit up straight on a chair, with your bottom to the back of the seat. Ideally the seat would support your lower back. Adding support in the small of your lower back with a rolled up jumper or jacket might help. Avoiding soft and low seats should help too.



  • Lead a generally active lifestyle. Rest is important too, but find an activity you enjoy to regularly move and strengthen your body. As well as keeping you mobile, there are obvious benefits for your heart and general well-being.


  • Be careful that your footwear doesn’t add unnecessary strain to your back. A flatter, supportive shoe is far better than a high heel to spend a long time standing in.




  • Drinking plenty of water, and eating a balanced diet, are also very important to keep your whole body healthy, not just your muscles and joints.



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Don’t give yourself a reason to whine about your spine!

Our spine is important and a vital part of our body. It transports information from our brain to the rest of the body, and vice versa. It is involved in all activity and it has to put up with a great deal – sitting for long periods at a desk –  at work/home/school, long car journeys, carrying bags, strain through sporting activities, lifting and carrying, and restriction accumulated through poor positioning and posture. I’m sure we all aspire to remain active, to be able to carry out our lives as we wish to, and to stay free from pain. 

Some spinal problems are the result of poor care. The problem can build up slowly and isn’t always noticeable initially. It may follow months or years of bad habits. This is the stuff we can do something about! Mechanical problems in the spine can relate to the joints, discs, muscles, ligaments and nerves.



Here are some general considerations that could genuinely make a difference to you and your family, if you’re prepared to make a few changes:

  • A rucksack is the best bag to carry to try and avoid back problems. It should be carried over both shoulders, and adjusted so the bag sits close to the back.
  • De-clutter bags so you’re not carrying around unnecessary items.
  • We all need to stay as active as possible. Take regular exercise to help general fitness and improve your mobility.
  • Wear a decent pair of shoes that will be comfortable, supportive and appropriate for the sport, job or task you’re undertaking.
  • Stay mobile generally. If you find you’re at the computer, or TV, on a car journey or just sitting around. Try and get up every 40 minutes to avoid getting too stiff.
  • Check your computer set-up, make sure your chair and desk are adjusted so that they work for you.

If you experience a problem. Osteopathy can help get you moving, it also helps relieve pain and discomfort. Call Claire today if you’re having a problem.



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