Happy Muscles and Joints

The Institute of Osteopathy - Member

Its important to look after our body’s muscles and joints to stay free of pain and remain mobile.


Here are some points for consideration:

  • Maintain your body’s mobility by staying active. Raising your heart rate is necessary for cardiovascular health. Other sports and activities can help with mobility and strength. Find something you enjoy and then hopefully will commit to. 
  • Try and maintain a good posture. Exercise can help with this. Do your own risk assessment of your daily activities – workstation, car, sofas, beds, hobbies… Is there something that might be improved to take the strain away from your body?
  • Drink plenty, our body is made up of 60-78% water (depending on age and sex). We need it to function well.
  • We often race around and don’t let ourselves rest. Its important to give your mind and body time to repair. Try and find regular times in your week to do this whether it be reading, meditation, socialising, cinema…Whatever calms you down.
  • If you have a pain issue. Consider getting the opinion of an Osteopath. This will help relieve the issue, and you will be advised on what you need to do help yourself. Possibly all of the above?! The advice will be tailor-made to you.




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