Keep a sunny feeling all year around!

The evidence is inconclusive. Is the colder, damper weather responsible for an increase in people’s joint pain? Research has tended to focus on the effect a change in atmospheric pressure has on the joints. It is hard to measure something that is subjective like pain, when there are so many other variables like general health, diet, exercise, mood…….So the jury is still out on this one.
Anecdotally however people often report an increase in their joint symptoms with a change in the weather. So here are a few things you could think about to try and stay comfortable in the colder months ahead.
Try and eat a varied and balanced diet. Stay hydrated. See if you can include the following in your diet to take care of your joints.
Omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation. For example found in salmon and nuts.
Vitamin K is said to have pain soothing properties, and is important in the formation of bone protein. Cabbage, kale and fermented foods contain vitamin K.
Vitamin C may have some effect in halting cartilage loss in arthritis. Bright coloured foods like oranges, red peppers kiwi fruit, guava, brussel sprouts and tomatoes are examples of foods containing vitamin C.
Avoid refined grains that may have an inflammatory effect and choose whole grains, that may reduce inflammation.
Avoid Omega 6 as this may promote inflammation in the body.
If there is a reason your body doesn’t take in certain vitamins and nutrients. Maybe through illness. or you choose to avoid. Supplementing may be necessary?
Glucosamine and chondroitin. Some studies have found evidence to support these supplements nourish the joint cartilage, effectively lubricating the joint. However there is evidence that supports and refutes this.
Vitamin D will help keep your bones strong. It is important alongside calcium, magnesium and vitamin K. Vitamin D can be manufactured through sunlight, but over the winter months in the UK the sun isn’t at a sufficient strength for this. Look for vitamin D3, the type of vitamin D our body manufactures from sunlight.

Stay Active. 

Inside and outside. If the weather gets too cold, then try and do some gentle exercises indoors to keep joints mobile. Tai-chi, yoga and Pilates are controlled exercises that work to stretch, mobilise and improve posture. Alongside all the other health benefits that can be gained from this.

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