Growing Older

Growing older doesn’t mean accepting every ache and pain. Ageing is a normal process, which although may come with it’s frustrating changes, doesn’t mean life has to stop. An osteopath can help you continue to live your life to the full physically.

As we get older our muscles, bones, ligaments and joints age too, but ageing alone doesn’t necessarily result in increased pain or stiffness. Treatment and advice from an osteopath can complement care from your GP to help you stay active as your body changes over time.

Osteopathic appointments are readily available at Rivermead Osteopaths without the need for referral from a GP.

Feel free to call for information about how osteopathy can help with  niggles and aches that may be holding you back from the activities you enjoy.



The following is a good exercise for spinal stiffness to help you along the way. You don’t need to be a certain age to do this. As long as you’re comfortable then stretch away!

Start on all fours with your back in its natural position and looking straight down at the floor. Move the pelvis first – tuck the pelvis under and gradually take that movement to the lower back, then upper back, then neck. To reach an “angry cat” position as in the photo. To return, start with the pelvis. Bring it back to your start position, then the upper back, followed by the neck. You should be back where you started. Repeat 5-10 times.

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